Migration Guide: Qustodio Professional to Qustodio Family

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Qustodio has merged with Family Zone Cyber Safety, a global leader in cyber safety solutions for schools that currently protects over 15 million students at 23,000 schools around the world. We’re excited about the merger and the work we are doing towards protecting every child, wherever they are, at home, school, or anywhere in between.

The result of this is that Qustodio’s own professional offering: Qustodio Professional for Schools/Business will shut down on September 30, 2023

What’s next for you?
If you are on a plan that protects over 25 devices: the next step for you is to get in touch with our customer success team to book a migration session

For those of you with 25 devices or fewer: to continue with Qustodio you’ll need to migrate your account to Qustodio Family. This guide explains how to complete a simple migration from Qustodio Professional to Qustodio Family.

Qustodio Family Migration Guide:

  1. Purchase a Qustodio Family License that fits your needs.
  2. Uninstall Qustodio Professional from your currently protected devices.
  3. Download and Install Qustodio Family on the devices you wish to protect.
  4. Login and configure your Qustodio Family Dashboard.
  5. Email us to cancel your current Qustodio Professional billing.

Expanded migration instructions below: 

  1. Purchase a Qustodio Family license

Choose the plan that best suits your organization needs. Plans range from protection for 5 to 25 devices.


2. Uninstall Qustodio Professional.


You will need to uninstall Qustodio Professional from your devices, make sure to use your Qustodio Professional login credentials.


You can find the different articles on how to uninstall Qustodio Professional in the following link.


3. Download / Install Qustodio Family Solution


Install the Qustodio kid’s app on all devices you wish to protect, and install the parents’ app on your own phone or computer to manage activity and set rules.

Please find below the links where you can download the software and the articles / instructions on how to install Qustodio Family on the different devices 




4. Configure Qustodio Family


There is just one step left to complete the transition - configure your rules and time limits on the different profiles and devices.

There are two ways to set up and configure rules for each device:
a. Set up the devices yourself through the Qustodio Family Portal.


b. Migrate your existing profiles and rules over to the new platform with the help of the Qustodio Professional Support team.

  • Those profiles will contain all the rules and exceptions that have been already previously configured.


5. Cancel your Qustodio Professional Account.


Once you have already bought a Family license you can cancel your Qustodio Professional license at any time.

Contact us at profesional-support@qustodio.com to request the cancellation.


If no action is taken, on Sept 30, 2023 all Qustodio Professional billing will be cancelled, your account and data will be deleted from the Qustodio Professional platform.

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