How to install Qustodio Professional on an Android device?

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Before installing Qustodio on your Android device please make sure that you have a valid Trial or Professional license on your account.


I have an active account

Repeat the following steps for each Android device user. Downloading and installing Qustodio takes about ten minutes.

1. Open Google Play and search for Qustodio or click this link:


2. Select Business Client Endpoint Protection


3. Tap Install


4. Once the app is downloaded, please check that the option Enable auto-update is selected on the three dots menu. 


5. Tap Open



6. Enter your email address and password and tap Login.


7. Enter a name for the device and click Next.

Tip. Choose a name that obviously links to this specific device, such as Android HTC if the device is branded HTC.

8. Choose who will use the device or create a new profile.

9. Tap Let's do it! to continue.

10. When prompted to activate accessibility, choose Activate Now.


11. Tap Qustodio.

12. Toggle accessibility ON.

Please note, these options may change depending on the phone model and OS version. 

13. Tap Allow now to continue.

14. Tap Qustodio.

15. Allow Permit usage access

16. Turn on notifications for Qustodio.

17. Tap Qustodio Professional

18. Tap Allow now to continue.

19. Turn on the permission to allow Qustodio.

20. To continue tap Allow now.

21. Select the option to Allow Qustodio to access the device's location.

22. Tap Activate now.

23. Select the option Activate this device admin app.

24. Once all permissions are given to Qustodio tap All done!

25. Make sure no Battery Saving options that may affect Qustodio are enabled. Check here for more information.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Qustodio.

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