How to install Qustodio for Chromebook

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Qustodio for Chromebook version offers the following features:

Apps usage, device usage, and websites visited.
Apps, device and websites.
Time Limits:
Device and apps daily quotas and usage schedule. 

Please note, other features might not be available yet.


Important: When creating your Qustodio account, we recommend using an email address your child does not have access to. Make sure you use this email address every time you log into Qustodio on your devices and when installing Qustodio on your child’s devices.

There are two main stages to fully set up Qustodio for Chromebook:
  • Installing the Qustodio Kids' App on your child’s Chromebook. This part protects your child when they use apps on their device.

  • Installing the Qustodio Chrome Extension on your child’s Chromebook. This part protects your child while they browse online.

Please complete the steps in the correct order as shown below to ensure full protection. You will need to have your child’s Chromebook to hand as you will be installing protection directly on their device.


Setting up protection

  1. To start, open your child’s Chromebook session and search Kids App Qustodio in Google Play.

  2. Click Install.

  3. Open Kids App Qustodio. If you are already a Qustodio user, choose Log In. 
    Otherwise, select
    Get Started.

  4. Carefully read the terms and conditions. You must agree to continue.

  5. Enter your Qustodio email address and password and click Log in.

  6. Enter a name for the Chromebook device and click Next.

  7. Select who will use this device. Please note, if several children use this device and have their own user sessions, you will have to repeat the process for each child profile/session.

  8. Next, tap Let's do it! to continue. You will see the permissions Qustodio requires to protect and supervise your child’s device. Follow the instructions on the screen. Please allow all necessary permissions and when prompted to activate accessibility, choose Activate accessibility for Qustodio. 
  9. Once you have granted all permissions, you will have protected the apps on this Chromebook. You’re now ready to protect your child’s browsing activity. Click Go to Chrome Store to continue. 

  10. In the Chrome Store click Add to Chrome and then Add extension.

  11. Confirm you want to add the extension in the pop up that appears.

  12. Next, we just have to connect the Qustodio extension to your Qustodio account. To do this, click Connect now
  13. Click Open in the pop-up that appears.

  14. Congratulations! This Chromebook is fully protected with Qustodio.

    Please note this Chromebook will appear as an Android device in the Parent App.

As a final step, we recommend enabling the Qustodio extension in incognito mode.

Unsure what incognito mode is? See Google’s help section for more information. 

To allow Qustodio in incognito mode:

    1. Type chrome://extensions in your browser.
    2. Find Qustodio and click Details.
    3. Scroll to find Allow in incognito
    4. Enable Allow in incognito.

Important: you will need to adjust your child’s Chromebook Power Settings so that reports accurate ScreenTime.

Go to your Chromebook Settings > Device> Power and make sure you select Sleep mode for all options:

- While Charging
- While on Battery
- When cover is closed

This will prevent the screen from turning on accidentally and report time when it shouldn’t.



Please note: if your Chromebook is managed by your child’s school, you might not be able to change your sleep settings. Contact your child’s school for more information.


All Set!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Support team at

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