What is the New Qustodio Parents’ App?

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We launched a special, new app to improve the Qustodio experience for parents using an iOS or Android device to keep their child's activity in check. You will still be able to supervise and monitor your child’s activity from your own smartphone as before. However, from now on, you will have a dedicated app just for parents.


When do I need to download the new app?

Our previous Parents’ App has been deprecated. This means we will no longer support the application that used to come together with the kids app or provide updates. To fully supervise your child’s activity and continue enjoying our new features and improvements, we recommend you install the new app for parents. It’s available for download now, so you can already click the link below to install our new Parents' app.

- If your own device is an iOS,
click here to download the new Parental Control App for Parents from Apple App Store.
- If your own device is an Android, click here to download the new Parental Control App Qustodio for Parents from Google Play Store.

What do I need to do on my child’s device?

Nothing! This change is only required on your own device: you don’t need to update or reinstall Qustodio on your child's device, whether they are using an iPhone, an iPad or an Android device.

How do I install the new Parents' app?

  • Uninstall any previous versions of the Qustodio Parents’ App.
  • Visit the AppStore or PlayStore and search for Parental Control App Qustodio or, alternatively, open the above link from your own device.
  • Follow the steps provided, log in with your Qustodio credentials and make sure you select Parent’s Device. At this point, if you accidentally download the Qustodio Kids App on your own device, Qustodio will simply redirect you to the Qustodio Parental Control App for Parents which you should download instead.


We hope you enjoy our new app for parents! If you have any questions, please contact our support team here.

If you are ready to download the app, click here from your iOS device or here from your Android phone.

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