Why am I asked for a passcode to install Qustodio on iOS?

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When setting up Qustodio Kids, if your child’s device doesn’t have a screen passcode yet, Qustodio will require you to enable one during the installation. 

This is the passcode Apple offers to protect your child’s device and that Qustodio needs to report screen time correctly. The code and available options to do this are not related to Qustodio but provided by the Apple system itself. 


If you are asked for a passcode during the installation, this is the passcode of your child’s device, which is the Apple code your child has set to protect the device when they first set it up. Again, this code is not related to Qustodio.


If you forgot the passcode for your device or you entered the wrong passcode six times in a row and you’re locked out, please follow these instructions from Apple Support.


If you have an Apple Watch synced with an iOS device protected by Qustodio, note that Qustodio Kids might also require you to create a passcode for the watch. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Support team at qustodio.com/help/contact

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