How to update Qustodio for iOS to the latest version

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If you want to make sure your Qustodio app is up-to-date, go to the home screen of your iOS device:

  • If the Qustodio app installed is Qustodio Safe Browser, you have an older version of Qustodio that should be removed. For this, you can simply hold the icon of the app until it starts shaking, then click the cross symbol. You can then install the newest version of Qustodio by following the steps described in this article
  • If you are using the Kids App Qustodio or Qustodio Parents App you already use the correct Qustodio application. To make sure you use the latest version of that application, go to the iOS device you want to protect and open the App Store. Tap Updates and then for Qustodio, tap Update.

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