I have forgotten the passcode to uninstall Qustodio for iOS

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Please note, this article only applies to prior versions of Qustodio for iOS.

Follow these steps if you've forgotten your Qustodio uninstallation passcode:

- The removal passcode of Qustodio for iOS can be found in your Family Portal when you go to Settings > Devices and click Remove Device. It will be shown there.

- It was also emailed to you in an email entitled “Important – iOS Qustodio Passcode”.


Important: If the code provided doesn’t work, it is because the device is asking for the device passcode, and not the Qustodio passcode, which is the code you have set to protect your device with Apple when you first set it up. This code is not related to Qustodio. ​


If you forgot the passcode for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, or your device is disabled:


If a message says that your device is disabled, you entered the wrong passcode into an iOS device six times in a row, and you're locked out. Follow these instructions to correct this problem.  


If you need any more help, contact us.

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