How do I install Qustodio on Kindle

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This article tells you how to download and install the Qustodio application on a Kindle device. Once you install Qustodio on a device, it sends information to the Qustodio Family Portal. You can monitor how your child uses their device through the Family Portal or your Parents' app

Important note: Qustodio can only be used on standard Kindle profiles, as it needs to use the device’s administrator permissions to monitor the device. Our app cannot be installed on restricted profiles that cannot access these permissions (for example, Kindle’s limited Kid profile).


1. On the home screen of the device, tap Appstore and search for Qustodio.


2. Tap on Qustodio and on Download



3. Open Qustodio, enter your email address and password and tap Log In


If you don't have a Qustodio account yet, click here to create one

3. Tap Protect this device to confirm you want to monitor the Kindle that you are installing Qustodio onto.


4. Enter a name for the device and click Next.


Tip. Choose a name that obviously and visibly links to this specific device, such as Child's Kindle if the device is branded HTC.

5. Choose who will use the device or create a new child's profile


6. Tap Let's do it! to continue.



7. When prompted to Allow Accessibility to Allow Now.



8. Tap Qustodio.


9. Toggle to allow Accessibility. 


10. When prompted to Allow usage tracking, tap Allow Now.



11. Tap Qustodio 


12. Toggle on to Permit usage access to Qustodio


13. Allow notification access


14. Tap Activate now to activate the device admin



15. Select the option Activate this device admin app.



16. Once all permissions are given to Qustodio tap All done!


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