What is YouTube Monitoring and what does it do?

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With Qustodio Premium, you can track YouTube website and app activity generated on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices.

Qustodio’s YouTube Monitoring is a Premium feature that allows you to:

  • See what videos your child watches and searches for on the YouTube app and YouTube.com on iOS and Android devices.
  • See what videos your child watches and searches for on YouTube.com on Mac and Windows devices.
  • You can also block or set limits on YouTube usage by visiting the YouTube tab in the rules section.

You'll find this feature in the Family Portal and on Qustodio's Parent's App on your mobile device. 


How to activate YouTube Monitoring

After installing Qustodio on a device, YouTube Monitoring will already be active. You'll be able to see your child’s YouTube activity on their timeline and YouTube summary card. 

Make sure you’ve installed the latest version of Qustodio on both your own device and your child’s device(s). This will ensure YouTube Monitoring is enabled and working correctly.




I’m a Premium user. How do I block or allow access to the YouTube website and app?

If you're a Premium user, you can block or allow access to both the YouTube app and website through the Parents’ App by tapping Set rules > YouTube. On the Family Portal, tap Rules > YouTube.

In the YouTube section, you'll see:

  • One switch for the YouTube website. This rule applies to all devices. 
  • A dropdown menu for the Android YouTube app, if your child has an Android device.
  • An additional dropdown menu for the iOS YouTube app, if your child has an iOS device.

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Full access will be allowed by default, which means children can access both the YouTube app and website.

If you want to block YouTube completely, simply slide the web switch to OFF and set the app to BLOCK. Children will no longer be able to access the YouTube app or website.

Note for iOS devices: Blocking either the YouTube app or youtube.com on iOS devices might block access to both.


I’m a Premium user. How do I set time limits for YouTube?

On Android and iOS devices, you can set time limits for the YouTube app and not for the YouTube website. For this reason, if you want to set time limits for YouTube on mobiles and tablets, we recommend you:

  1. Block the YouTube.com website.
  2. Allow the YouTube app and set a time limit.

In this way, children will only be able to access YouTube within their chosen time limits.

On Windows and Mac computers, you can only block or allow the YouTube website, you cannot set time limits for it.


Screenshot_20230926_155241_Qustodio.jpg                 Screenshot_20230926_155248_Qustodio.jpg


I’m a free user. How do I block or allow access to the YouTube website?

As a free user, you can block access to the YouTube website via the Web Filtering menu. To find out how to block websites, see this help article


Where can I see what videos my child watched and what they searched for on YouTube?

Open the Parents’ App or visit the Family Portal and go to your child's profile. To easily review this content, we’d recommend using the YouTube activity summary card on top of the Timeline if you’re using the Parents’ App or in the Dashboard when using the Family Portal

Also, all searches made and videos watched will appear on your child’s timeline like any other event.

Screenshot_20230926_174208_Qustodio.jpg                Screenshot_20230926_173754_Qustodio.jpg      


How can I play videos that my child has watched?

You will see all YouTube events on your child’s timeline or YouTube activity card. 

On the timeline, first, tap View Details below the event. Then, click the 3 dots menu or the video thumbnail to play the video.

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What happens on my child’s device when the YouTube app or website is blocked?

When you block the YouTube app on Android devices, your child will see the default blocked page when trying to access the app.

Similarly, when you block the YouTube website, your child will see the default blocked page when they try to access it.

If you block the app or site on iOS devices, YouTube's connection will be interrupted. 

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