Which apps can Qustodio monitor on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)?

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Which apps can Qustodio monitor on iOS devices?

Qustodio can detect the use of more than 20,000 apps on iOS devices. We are constantly adding new apps to this list to ensure that Qustodio can detect and monitor the most popular apps.

Please contact our Customer Support Team if there is a specific app you think Qustodio should be able to monitor.

How does Qustodio detect app usage on iOS devices?

Qustodio uses MDM and VPN technologies to identify which apps are being used. These technologies check when an app consumes internet data. When an app connects to the internet, Qustodio detects and reports it to your parent dashboard. This is a fully automated process.

How does Qustodio block apps on iOS devices?

When you block or set a time limit for a specific app, Qustodio blocks its internet connection. A blocked app will not be able to connect to the internet or download new content.

Please note that any content downloaded by an app before it was blocked will still be shown. For example, apps like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook download lots of content onto the device. Once you block them, they may still load ‘new’ content: you will see cached content when you refresh the feed. However, once all cached content has been seen, those apps won’t be able to download anything else.

Why can’t I block a specific app?

Some iOS apps (such as WhatsApp or Clash Royale) use special internet connections that can’t be blocked or accurately reported by Qustodio. This means that though you will see the apps in activity reports, you won’t be able to block them, set time limits for them, or reliably measure their activity time. They will appear grayed out on your games & apps rules page.

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