How to uninstall Qustodio from an Android device or Kindle

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This article tells you how to remove Qustodio from an Android device or a Kindle.

1. Open the Qustodio Kids App on your child's device

2. Enter the password of your account and tap Log in




3. Tap Disable Protection



4. Tap Remove Qustodio


5. Tap Remove Qustodio



Tap on the app icon and hit uninstall.


After removing Qustodio from the device, please make sure to check that it is no longer listed on your Parent Dashboard:

1. Open Qustodio's Parents App on your mobile phone or access

2. Open the menu to access the list of Devices

3. If this specific device is still listed, make sure to remove it from the dashboard otherwise, Qustodio might still count it as an active phone/tablet.


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