How do I block a website using Qustodio?

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This article tells you how to block a specific website using Qustodio.

Qustodio blocks specific types of websites using a variety of criteria. Some websites are blocked because they appear on lists of unallowed websites maintained by Qustodio and others. Other web pages and websites are blocked because Qustodio detects unwanted content on them.

Summary: To block a website, open the Qustodio portal. Go into your child’s account and choose Rules, then Web Filtering > Websites. Enter the name of the website and choose Block.


Supported browsers for monitored devices

Qustodio can report and block websites on the following browsers:

  • Windows computers: Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.
  • Mac computers: Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
  • Android devices: Google Chrome and Firefox.
  • Kindle devices: Amazon Silk Browser.
  • iOS devices: Google Chrome and Safari.

Qustodio will automatically block unsupported browsers by default.

Tip. We recommend that you discuss with your child which websites you’re blocking, and why.

How to Block a Website

1. Visit and log in.

2. Select your child's profile and then click on Rules > Web Filtering.


rule_web_qustodio.PNG  categories_qustodio.PNG 

3. Under Categories, you can select entire categories of websites to be blocked or monitored.

If you need to restore these rules back to default settings, just go the the bottom of the page, click on Select all > Restore default values:

Web_Rules_Select_all.PNG Web_Rules_Select_all2.PNG


4. If you'd like to block an individual website, click Websites > Add Website and type a website url to the field below.  Then, select the option to Block the website and click on Save.




5. Confirm that the website appears as blocked in the domain list.



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