What happens when I set time limits with Qustodio

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This article tells you what happens when you set time limits with Qustodio. You can also refer to this article to learn more about how to set up time limits in your Family Portal

To understand how Qustodio counts time on a device please refer to the article How does Qustodio track usage on a device?



Time limits on Windows and Mac devices


- Lock Navigation option blocks Internet access on all browsers but allows access to other programs.

- Lock Device option prevents both online and offline device use, by logging out the user.

Note the following important information:

- Time for both web navigation and the entire device is counted from midnight to midnight, and not from the moment when you activate the time rules.

- The user has to log off from the user session or turn off the computer for time to stop counting. A simple lock of the user session will not be considered by Qustodio.

- The user can click in Qustodio's tray icon to see how much time is left (unless Qustodio is hidden on the device).

- A 5-min notice shows up before the user account is locked. However, this notice doesn't show up if the user is doing an activity in full screen mode.


Time limits on Android & Kindle devices

Lock Navigation option blocks all of the apps except for some basic apps like the Home screen, calendar, calculator, notification bar, recent app list, and calls.


Lock Device option blocks the entire device. In this case, the device will be completely locked. The user will only be able to place calls to emergency numbers, or to trusted contacts as set with the Panic Button feature. The user can also access the Qustodio app.

A notice is shown when the time allowance is almost reached, before locking the device, every minute, starting 5 minutes from the limit. However, this notice is not shown with the time schedule feature.

Time limits on iOS

Lock Navigation: This option will block the internet on the device. Also, there is a lock screen with a message indicating that the navigation is locked once the time is up.

Lock Device: This option prevents access by hiding any application rated age 4+ by the AppStore. Also, there is a notification message indicating that the device is locked once the time is up.
Please note that, when the apps come back after the restriction is passed, they will appear out of the folders and in alphabetical order. If you want to keep the apps organised in a specific way we recommend using Lock Navigation instead.

What happens when I use Pause internet access?

Pause internet access allows you to block the internet overriding your scheduled time limit rules. The feature acts differently depending on the platforms your child uses:

Windows and Mac computers

Your child won’t be able to open any web browsers.

Android devices

All apps will be blocked apart from basic apps like calendar, calculator, and calls.

iPhones and iPads

The internet, and therefore any apps that require an internet connection, will be blocked.



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