How does Qustodio track usage on a device

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Screen time vs. Activity time

Sometimes when parents use Qustodio to limit their children’s device use, they see the time limits are applied as expected but the activity reported does not coincide with the amount of time the device was used. This is because there are two kinds of ‘time’ being measured by Qustodio relating to time limits:

  • Screen time, time spent using the device itself, essentially whenever the screen is on, and
  • Activity time, actual activity detected by Qustodio, namely time spent on apps.

Any time limits you set up become active based on the 'screen time' recorded. e.g.: if one device is ‘active’ because the screen is turned on even though no app is being used, Qustodio will record this as the device being used but no specific activity will be reported since no apps are in use.

Please refer to the article What happens when I set Time Limits in Qustodio? to understand how each block setting is applied to each device.

In addition, we recommend setting a screen lock code on devices monitored by Qustodio (even if it's simply 1234). This will prevent the screen from turning on accidentally and time being reported when your child is not using the device.

Note about iOS devices:

Due to the way the iOS system works, Qustodio can only monitor activity in specific apps.

You can check here the list of features and apps that Qustodio can monitor on the iOS platform.

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