What is School Connect?

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This article is aimed at students whose devices are protected through School Connect. If you are a parent looking to get started with School Connect, head here instead.

School Connect gives your parents or guardians visibility on how you are using your school device. Depending on your school’s settings, it also enables them to help you enjoy a healthy screen time balance by setting screen time rules.

What kind of protection is active on my school-issued device?

Your school applies content filters to protect you from inappropriate content. Depending on your school’s settings, your parents can customize these filters at certain times of the day using the Qustodio Parents App. This could include screen time rules like time limits, website filters, app limits, and screen-free times.


You can see whether your device is currently being protected by your school’s filters or by your parents’ rules. Click the Q icon: this can be found in the taskbar on Windows devices, and in the browser on Chromebooks. 





You may see the following statuses:


Protection active: School hours 

This means that the content filters set by your school are applying to your school-issued device. Any rules set by your parents are not active right now.


Protection active: Out of school hours


This means that any rules set by your parents through Qustodio are applying to your school issued-device. Note that your school’s content filters may still apply at the same time. 


Qustodio is not configured on this device


This status may occur when your school has not yet fully set up protection on your school-issued device.

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