How do I apply my own rules on school-issued devices?

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Important: This feature is currently available for a select number of schools. It may not be available for your school yet.

If you have signed up to Qustodio through your school then, depending on your school’s settings, you may be able to apply your own rules on school-issued Chromebooks and Windows computers.

To check if you can do this, log in to your Qustodio account and go to your child’s Rules page. If you see a toggle with the text “Apply rules on school devices”, then you can customize your rules.

Simply switch on the toggle and then set the rules you want. Note that any rules you set will apply outside of school hours.


Which rules can I apply on school-issued devices?

Depending on the type of school device your child uses, you will be able to filter websites, set daily time limits, set app restrictions, and create routines. 


Web filtering

The web filtering feature enables you to block web categories and specific websites, and to receive alerts when your child accesses websites you want to know about.

Note that your school may have some baseline filters which could override your own web filtering rules to ensure optimal safety for your child.

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Daily time limits

The daily time limits feature lets you choose how much time your child can spend on their school device outside of school hours each day. When they reach their limit, their device will be blocked.

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Games & apps
With games & apps, you can block apps you don’t want your child to use and set time limits for the others. Note that this is only available for school-issued Windows devices.

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Routines enables you to schedule regular time away from screens for your child. You can choose whether to completely block device access during a routine, or to only block the internet. You can also create custom routines to set specific app and website rules for important moments of the day.

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When do the rules I set apply to school-issued devices?

Your rules will apply outside of school hours. 


How do I stop applying rules on school-issued devices?

If you want to stop applying rules on school-issued devices, then go to your child’s profile and click Rules. Turn the toggle off. If you have added any personal devices, your rules will continue to apply to them.


Can my school see or change the rules I’m applying?

Your school cannot see the rules you’ve set or edit them.


Can my school see activity on the device outside of school hours?

Depending on your school’s settings, they may be able to see activity on your child’s school-issued device.


How can I apply other types of rules?

On your child’s rules page, you’ll also see advanced features like calls & messages, location, and the panic button. These features are compatible with personal devices. To protect your child’s personal devices and apply rules to them, follow the steps below:


  1. Log in and open the My Family screen.
  2. Click on Protect a personal device.
  3. Select the type of device your child uses and follow the instructions shown on screen.
  4. Head to the Rules page and set the rules you want


Read more about installing Qustodio on personal devices.

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